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We believe in long term design value, which we acheive by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design. 

Hand knotted Carpets are available in Floral (Persian designs), Geometrical, Tribal and Contemporary designs. Each carpet is unique whether in terms of the city of origin, design, color, material used and in construction method.

  • Hand Knotted Carpets
    Our hand knotted carpets are made with 100% natural materials; wool being the most widely used due to its availability, strength and durability.
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  • Round Carpets
    All Round Carpets
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  • Leather Carpets
    All Leather Carpets
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  • Runners
    Available in shorter and longer sizes and variety of colors such as navy blue, beige, green, black.
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  • Modern Contemporary
    All Modern Contemporary Carpets
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  • Tribal Carpets
    All Tribal Carpets
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  • Traditional Persian Carpets
    All Traditional Persian Carpets
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  • Hand Woven Carpets (Kilims)
    All Hand Woven Carpets (Kilims)
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